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Hi! Welcome to The Profit Launch Club. Thank you for being here. This community exists to support coaches, consultants and creatives such as advertising agency owners and marketing strategists to grow a six figure+ business.

Maybe you’ve already started your business or maybe you’re thinking about it. Either way, you get to build something that is FUN and PROFITABLE!

Hi! I’m Kathleen Riessen.

After building seven businesses and having consulted and coached with hundreds of business around the world, I can tell you that successful six-figure+ businesses all master five simple steps.

While these five simple steps work with companies in any industry and of any size, my favorite industries are advertising/marketing, coaching and consulting. That’s why Profit Launch Club was created just for you.

Lots of people will tell you that you have to give up your life to be an entrepreneur. Those same people say that being an entrepreneur requires working 80 to 90-hour weeks and giving up family vacations and your kids’ soccer games.

Kathleen Riessen

I used to believe that too. Sure, there are some weeks I do work A LOT. But most of the time, I'm present with me family. I have three boys and a husband. I volunteer and mentor extensively and I invest in my business and my myself. I am constantly asked, "How do you do it all?"

That's what I'm going to show you in Profit Launch Club.

I started my first business when I was six months pregnant in 2008, at the start of the recession. People told me it was a bad time to start a business. People told me I would never be able to do it.

It took me three years until I felt confident that the business was going to be a success. During that time, I connected my view of myself based on how much money that business produced. If we made money, Kathleen was a success. If we lost money, Kathleen was a failure. While that sounds extreme, it's the truth. Those first three years were lonely.

Since that time, I've learned a lot. There are a lot of things that I've done that worked and even more that didn't.

I am going to share them all with you so you can learn from me.

I've even invited some of my friends to teach you including my friend Wendy Paquette. She's a Visionary who can see everything that is standing in your way and move it without you even knowing it.

Her vision exercises alone are worth your investment in Profit Launch Club.

Wendy and Kathleen

Wendy Paquette and Kathleen Riessen

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The FIVE Steps

Mastering the five steps is the pathway to creating consistent income. The five steps are:

1. Vision: Clearly and articulately describe where both you and your business are headed.

✍ In this step you will learn how to move your business forward with purpose and intent.

🎓 Successfully completing this steps means saying goodbye to working long hours for the sake of working and hello to creating exactly what you want for your business and your life.

2. Audience Persona: Attract the perfect client for your business.

✍ In this step, you will learn exactly who you are serving so you can attract people that are excited to pay you money. You'll also learn how to redirect prospects that aren't a perfect match for you. That means no more wasting time on people that are "kind of" the right fit.

🎓 Successfully completing this step means you know EVERYTHING about your perfect client.

3. Offering: Create your signature money funnel.

✍ In this step, you will learn how to design your path to consistent cash flow - we call this your signature money funnel. You will design your product, packaging and pricing.

🎓 Successfully completing this step means you know exactly how you will earn $100k+ and are in action to creating it.

4. Enrollment: Sales for the non-sales person.

✍ In this step, you will learn how to 8-step process to enroll your ideal client into your services simply and quickly. Trust me, I'm the worst salesperson. I HATE sales. But I am GREAT at enrollment. There is a huge difference and when you get it, you will have the confidence to create cash in your business.

🎓 Successfully completing this step means you have enrolled at least one client into your offering.

5. Scale: Growing your business through marketing systems.

✍ In this step, you will learn how to build a marketing plan so you can attract new clients to your service. You will select where to focus your time, energy and money today to create the largest return tomorrow.

🎓 Successfully completing this step means you have created a strategic marketing plan and can clearly articulate the path to growing your business.

Are you ready?

You are in the right place. When you join, you get:

*Access to our private facebook group where you can learn not only from my methods of success, but also from other entrepreneurs and what they are doing to succeed as well. You’ll get great feedback from people in the same boat as you on the steps you are completing. (Value of $5,000)

*I’ll be available as your virtual mentor. I couldn’t have built my businesses without a mentor, and though you will have step by step instructions to help you succeed, I know you’ll get stuck sometimes, and I’ll be available to help you with your unique problems, and then share those issues and solutions with the rest of the group so everyone can learn from each other (Value of $6,000)

*Monthly Q&A calls where you can ask questions and get feedback directly from me. (Value of $2,500)

*Option to be hot seated on Profit Launch with Kathleen Riessen radio show and podcast where you can highlight your business to my audience and be coached by me. (Value of $495)

*Access to various templates and calculators to assist you in pricing your offerings, determining conversion rates, evaluating your sales funnel, creating messaging for your clients and really just running your business. (Value of $1,500)

*Guest experts to facilitate sessions and teach you new skills. I’ve got a bunch of my friends who are incredibly gifted in their own fields that are super excited to come teach you. (Value of $12,000)

*BONUS: Early access to Profit Launch Course including video lessons and worksheets designed to support you in creating and scaling your business. (Value of $15,000)

Total Value: $42,495

Total Investment:
$1,995 or $199 per month with
a 12-month commitment.

RATE of 50% off for only:



$199 per month with a 12-month commitment.

You deserve to create exactly what you want for you and your family.

Now is the time.

Kathleen Jumping